Friday, March 27, 2009

Just what is a "Granpreneur"?

"I posted this comment on Entrepreneur this morning at a site called "Mompreneurs". I thought there should also be a term "Granpreneur", for retired grandmas who became business women."

Comment to pascalpublicity: "I loved your post on websites for new business women. I can totally relate, with a little twist. The twist is that I am 78 years old. I started my business 15 years ago, and found myself in the same predicament as you; not enough money to hire a web designer. I ended up learning how to do it myself on the internet, including writing HTML code. I designed my own site, at, which I have maintained for 15 years. I consider myself a "granpreneur" (a grandma entrepreneur) and want other retired women, who have gone on to second career, in business, to know that they can do it too!"

When I started in business, I knew absolutely nothing about creating websites, much less getting around on the internet. The closest I had come to it, as a teacher, was using an old Apple, the kind Bill Gates gave to the schools, when they became obsolete. They were actually word processors. You could not get on the internet with them, but you could could write a "mean" article and hone your typing skills. When I came to Louisville, I didn't even have a PC, but my daughters, who were computer savvy, told me I needed one, since I now had my own business. I was so "green" I didn't even realize I had to advertise to let people know I was here.

I had to think about a website for my business. I definitely couldn't hire a designer, I didn't have the money to do that. But what I did have was passion, determination and a strong work ethic. I could cook, garden, decorate, and learn just about anything! So, I knew I could do this. I was definitely not a business person; I had always been in the arts. Artists use their right brains and bus/tech people use their left brains. I soon learned to use both. And found myself switching back and forth with a fury.

First thing I did was buy a desk top computer ( Now I also have a laptop, which I take with me everywhere). Then, I made the decision to design and maintain my own website. My daughters had done it, why couldn't I? I went to and looked around. I found that I could build a website there using their editor, but I wanted to be my own webmaster. So, I learned to write HTML code. Who knew that I would love working on the computer with text and graphics for hours? Was I really a closet computer geek at heart? Maybe, maybe not. But there is one thing I know for sure. I am now a Granpreneur!
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  1. Hi Nancy,

    I sent the link to what you posted about being a "granpreneur" to my mother.
    She is 62 and is an artist at heart, but has been working at a newspaper for
    over 30 years. As you know, newspapers are on their way out, and she's been
    worried about her job for the past couple years - looks like her position is
    going to be dissolved any day now (art department). The past couple years she
    has been making beautiful windchimes out of antique silverware and other odds
    and ends, and I even helped her sell some at a couple art fairs. She also
    paints and is now working on an illustrated cookbook, something she started when
    we were kids and never finished. I think what you wrote may inspire her to keep
    focusing on her passion, which she has swept under the rug for almost 40 years
    to raise 3 daughters on her own....but her attitude is one of "I can't, I can't,
    I can't...." It's frustrating to me because she's so talented. Anyhow, thanks
    for writing something positive I could share with her.

  2. Thanks so much for the wonderful comment. I hope it inspires your mom.

  3. Nancy,

    This post is so inspiring for older women who think that just because they have reached 60 or have retired from a job of many years, that they are no longer productive, musch less able to start a new career. Thank you so much for the uplifting story.

  4. Nancy,

    I am so inspired by your spirit, that it reaches into the heart of this 22 year old in India! I know of a friend who is her seventies, and is a excellent Indian cook. She writes regularly on a forum, and has over 5000 views to her recpies every day. I work with her closely and have been noticing that for women like her and you, the learning spirit keeps it going. Salutes again!



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