Friday, December 18, 2009

Social Media seminar

Social Media Pre-Conference SeminarJan 17,2010,1-4
Billiards Rm, Conrad-Caldwell House, Louisville, Ky

This seminar will concentrate on the latest uses of Internet marketing to increase exposure and customer base for participating bed and breakfast Innkeepers. In addition, by exploring the emerging world of social media,
participants will come to understand the rationale behind using social media to engage and connect to an audience of potential customers. They will come to understand the importance of using the language and seeking out the social networking communities where their prospective customers are. And that this is where their outbound marketing messages should be. Participants will learn strategies for increasing their website presence, for deciding when and how to use social media platforms and tools, and for managing their time.

This seminar will be presented by Jason Falls, social media consultant. Jason is a nationally recognized expert on public relations, social media and online communications with 12 years of management experience and proven ability in public relations, social media, marketing, corporate communications, branding and advertising. His vision is for high-return media opportunities and communications strategies that strengthen organizational marketing positions and enhance growth. Jason is a father, husband and thinker, mostly on social media, public relations and communications for clients of his consultancy and readers of his popular industry website and blog, He resides in Louisville, is co-founder and president of Social Media Club of Louisville, and has recently established his own consultancy: Social Media Explorer.

Growing Your Business With Social Media Marketing
Seminar presented by Jason Falls of Social Media Explorer

Solidifying Your Home Base: Put your website to work
Understanding Social Media philosophy
Listening & participating in Social Media & social networks
Making email marketing work smarter
Buoying your business through blogger outreach
Learning the tools and managing your time

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