Monday, February 8, 2010

The job interview: Confused about what kind of salary to ask for?

what kind of salary should you ask for?
So you finally got that interview you've been vying for. It's going along pretty well, you feel somewhat relaxed and good about it. The questions are not too difficult and your answers have been right on. Then the next question stops you dead in your tracks. " And what did you have in mind in the way of salary?" you hear the interviewer saying. Oh my gosh, you're thinking I don't know. I'll take whatever I can get. You've been out of a job for six months and that's your first reaction. But this is not a good response.

Do your homework
Don't say a word, unless you've thought this through ahead of time. You must be prepared for this type of question. If you ask for too much, you could lose the job hands down. If you don't ask for enough, you may not get what a potential employer is willing to pay. It's absolutely essential that you do some research in an effort to find out what jobs in this particular industry are going for. This way you will have facts to back up your response. You need to take into consideration where the job is located, what position you're applying for and in what industry or profession it is.

First, analyze you're current situation and figure out how much you need to live on. Factor in your rent, utilities, food, supplies and so forth. Don't forget your car payment, clothing and some money left over to spend time with friends on an occasional evening out. Your minimum take home pay should cover all of these expenses.

Check out the Internet
Next, Get on the internet and check out web sites that specialize in salary information You can also google particular career areas which may produce salary information on the job or company you're seeking information about. Try " salary information" or "medical assistant salry information" or whatever job you're applying for. Finally, the Bureau of Labor Statistics and many trade and professional publications will include this type of information.

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