Thursday, August 5, 2010

Summer reading

It seems like half of the country is steaming in the extreme summer heat this year. Here in Kentucky, we have had day after day of temperatures in the high nineties, with heat indexes in the hundreds. Everyone is looking for ways to stay cool.

Yesterday we had a power outage. Fortunately it only lasted for three hours. I was scared it would be longer; it's happened that way in the past.  It's especially bad for me because I run a bed and breakfast. What are you going to do with 8 guests, no light, no TV, and no air conditioning? Well the answer is "creative problem-solving" and the remedy is exhausting.

First thing I do is gather up all the candles in the house and some matches, enough so that every room has one of two. Then make a giant pitcher of ice cold lemonade, which I keep in the frig as long as possible. Then I tell my guests to sit quietly, if possible or go out to dinner or lunch, depending on the time. If they decide to stay here, and have a computer, they can watch a movie which will make the time pass a little faster.

Thank goodness the power outages don't happen too often cause, of course, reading during one would be next to impossible unless you like to read by candle light.  But staying cool in ninety degree weather, although requiring a little thought, is possible. I find that if I stay visiting friends, and sit or lie in one place, I can stay a lot cooler. To entertain myself I have my computer, my TV, my CDs and DVDs, and of course lots of books.

Reading a good book can be a joy. We've gotten so used to our TVs and computers it seems, that book reading is usually the last thing we think of. However; Amazon and other online bookstores advertise a fine selection of books for summer reading. I put together a great group that just may have some appeal to you. See the carousel below.

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  1. Good suggestions for a power outage! I really enjoyed the book Eat, Pray, Love and I'm looking forward to the movie.

    My goal this summer is to read a few new knowlegde books so I'm currently reading a very interesting book on persuasion. It's called "27 Powers of Persuasion" by author Chris St. Hilaire. The authors writing style is very easy to read and I can totally relate to many of the examples. I'm finding myself much more aware of what's happening in my conversations with others. I was lucky enough to get my hands on a pre-released will be available in Sept.

  2. No, the book reading ideas are not for a power outage LOL They're for summer reading, where ever.