Sunday, January 2, 2011

Guest blogging: A great opportunity

Julie Anne Lindsey is a Midwestern wife, a homeschooling mother of 3, and an all around caffeine addict. She’s also an unpublished author blogging her journey to publication at Musings from the Slush Pile, where she shares writing tips, author interviews, personal experience, and opening chapters from her works.

Guest Post
by Julie Anne Lindsey

I’m a guilty girl. I struggle and frizz my hair out over what to blog on every single day. Then, when I get more than one or two requests for a guest post I go into a full-on panic mode. What will I write about? What if I’m not interesting? Will they throw virtual tomatoes? You name it, I worry about it.

The thing is, thank heavens, after my complete freak out, I always rally. Based on a similar spaz-attack I had this week, I’ve decided to blog about guest blogging. Yes, it sounds nutty at first, but it needs done.

Guest blogging is a fabulous opportunity to you (and me) as a writer. Stopping by another writer’s blog moves us out of our comfort zone, and into the eyes of new friends. Writing is a tough road to choose and networking is the absolute best way to stay positive and motivated and …well happy. On the flip side, guest blogging gives the blogger you stand in for an extra day of writing without the burden of a blog post. SO, it’s a win-win.

Guest posting is a chance to think critically about what matters to you and how you can address those issues. Blogging is an issue for me. I try to be diligent and blog every day. In the midst of life and other writer-related responsibilities, it can be nearly impossible to find the time. This is where guest blogging becomes a Godsend.

First, as I get guest bloggers, it frees me up and that is a priceless gift. I appreciate my guest more than I can ever express with words. I also appreciate hosts, like Nancy *hugs*. It’s through the fabulous network of writing blogs that I get away from my blog addy and out into the blogosphere. If it wasn’t for guest blogging, I’d never get away.

So, if you’ve ever considered guest posting, I implore you, please do it. Don’t be afraid to ask bloggers if they’d like a guest post from you. I promise they’ll SQUEE and dance over the gift. You can tweet your willingness or go to Thursday’s Novelists on Facebook or just hit the contact button on your favorite blog.

If you don’t blog, this is an awesome opportunity to get your name and personality out there without the ongoing commitment of a blog. If you already blog, moving around will increase your traffic and widen your network. Guest blogging is too often underrated as a tool. It’s an opportunity. Grab hold! Carpe diem!

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  1. Great post Julie! So true about guest posting. I don't have too many at my blogs. I figured writers are busy enough! :)

  2. This is so true - Julie wrote a guest post for my blog, and as soon as it went up, I received three new followers, as well as a few on Twitter!

    There's something about a guest post - perhaps it's the fresh voice - that will give your blog new life, and expand your horizons.

    Thanks Julie!

  3. Hi Laura, Thanks for the comment. I love having guest bloggers and I think Julie did a great job...glad you enjoyed the post. I have found, although I am pretty busy writing, fitting in a short post now and then doesn't take too much time, keeps my skills sharpened and keeps me on my toes. In fact, a little diversion from my major project can be a good thing.

  4. Hi Cynthia,
    You are so right. I started having guest posters on this site a few months ago after I was asked to post on another site and saw how interesting the variety of "voices" was.
    It also gives the author of the blog a little respite. Blog readers like fresh posts and frequently updated blogs...and if you're working on a major project, like a novel for example, it sometimes becomes difficult to keep your blog current.
    Although I own and run a bed and breakfast, I'm also a writer and working on a memoir now, so keeping my four blogs up to date has been quite a task.

  5. Wow Guys! Thank you! Sorry for the delayed response! I was actually gone all day and we hit a deer on our way home! Talk about freaky experiences! But Hooray! I'm glad to see you here! *waves*! I'm glad to stop by! Just ask *wink wink*

  6. I'm not sure if my last comment got stuck in a filter, but THANK YOU for stopping by and commenting! I realy do enjoy blogging and chatting in general, so by all means...look me up!

  7. Sorry, Julie Anne, about not getting comments through fast enough...but had several article due dates I had to meet. Love your post. Thanks so much.