Thursday, December 13, 2012

Ever heard of faux Christmas shopping?

While perusing Face Book this morning I came across this post by an on-line writer friend. It says it all…..about Christmas shopping, I mean, especially for most men.  Seems like the girls can handle it a little better but, honestly, it gets to me so much I do it all on-line. Sorry, retail businesses.  I know this is killing you, but it’s all about staying alive. Check out John Stapleton's observation

"Today, I discovered something worse than Christmas shopping...faux-Christmas shopping- its with all the same shit except you browse, compare retail sales prices to online deals, and you really don't get anything done. You still get all the highlights, with rude customer service, rabid people that lack all sense of shame, and wanna-be Tony Montana drivers that act like they hit a big pile of Peruvian snow before they decided to play MarioKart in the parking lot.

Oh yeah...tis the season to be jolly! Now where's my drank????"

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